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Twenty years since retail trading laws were last altered, the government has announced that they are to be liberalised. Frankly, we can’t believe it’s taken so long.


Whilst some will argue the case for protecting Sundays from commercialism, existing laws are, in reality, nothing short of archaic and out of kilter with the modern world that we live in.



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Push for greater compliance hots up

Confused about how well you’re really managing in-store compliance? You’re not alone. CJ Retail Solutions helps to give you the lowdown on why it matters.
Over the years, brands have routinely grappled with in-store campaigns that deliver fewer than expected sales. In an attempt to up their game, eyes turned toward investing huge sums in insights to better understand what shoppers want. Yet many have still failed to capitalise on what, arguably, is one of the easiest targets in town – compliance.


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