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Euroshop 2017 is coming soon!

We’re gearing up for this years Euroshop, 5-9 March 2017 in Dusseldorf Germany, where all of the latest retail innovations will be on show. Our love for all things in-store means a busy few days, but one area of focus that we’ll be keen to visit is where digital signage promotes visual marketing, the move from retailers addressing consumers at the shop window or at the point of sale with posters and displays is evolving significantly.


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Consumer Electronics - the art of interacting with your customers

The consumer electronics industry is big business with a revenue of £9 billion (IBIS). So, with this in mind, just how well are the retailers managing in-store communications to the savviest consumers?

A recent study by POPAI focused on the in-store experience in consumer electronics stores and identifies that shoppers are demanding a greater in-store experience. Their desire for products with better functionality has resulted in an obvious shift from standard FSDU’s to digital experience displays, whilst ensuring an omnichannel approach is maintained, but also offering huge opportunities to upsell with secondary sited products.

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