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Case Study | Installation and Merchandising: ASDA MVG Audit

A recent audit we conducted, for ASDA’s Movies, Videos & Games category, saw us audit over 6,000 fixtures and over 100,000 mods. We answered over 350,000 questions and created a pick list for 486,200 SKUs of shelf fixtures. It was the most precise audit ever undertaken and meant that ASDA could deliver exactly what each store needed with no waste and no overspend.

What do we do?

The data we hold through undertaking the kind of auditing work detailed below provides an unprecedented depth of knowledge about the UKs retail estates. We can also deliver these services through Europe and further afield.

  • Corporate Identity Compliance analysis
  • Legal POS Compliance analysis
  • Promotional Space assessment and opportunities
  • NPD Executions
  • Print & POS requirements and Gap analysis
  • Pre-Installation Store Surveys

Why partner with us?

We are the industry leading provider of retail compliance audits and store surveys working with both brands and retailers. This provides our clients with a clear insight to their retail estates from which we can maximise efficiencies by assigning help to where it is specifically required.

Retail Compliance Audits

A retail compliance audit provides the opportunity to put in place a process of constant evaluation of your brand's position in-store and in the minds of your customers.

Using a fully bespoke questionnaire we can capture the data you need for immediate and long-term planning and decision-making.

A tailored retail compliance audit provides information at a micro level about exactly what is happening with your brands from shelf to basket.

In order to maximise the value of retail marketing activity it is essential to know what is happening in-store, specifically for on-shelf availability and promotional compliance as well as category and competitor activity. However, some brands experience an 'information gap' making it difficult to know how your products actually look on the shelf - the very place where the all-important buying decisions are being made.

Our in-depth retail compliance audits perform a vital function for marketers in enabling them to gain visibility of compliance at shelf level and begin the process of closing the gap between what was planned and what is actually happening in-store and improve the delivery of brand identity in the eyes of the consumer.

Store Surveys

An extensive retail estate requires ongoing monitoring and control. Regular, independent store surveys allow you to increase your understanding of what is happening within your retail estate, no matter how large or how small.

A store survey facilitates more effective retail asset management, helps you optimise fixture and display content and so enables you to develop each store within your portfolio to maximum operational effectiveness.

We combine almost 20 years of experience with industry leading technology and a passion for delivery to bring your business success.

What are the Benefits?

Here are just some of the benefits our unique approach delivers:

  • Visibility and Insight to make better business decisions
  • Accurate MI about your Estate size and make-up
    • Facilitates more efficient POS Displays
    • Facilitates more efficient Equipment Ordering & Stock control
  • Benchmarking
    • New product distribution points
    • Planogram accuracy checks
  • Franchisee assessment against brand standards
    • Physical attributes
    • Customer service levels

Let Us Show You The Facts...

If retails audits and store surveys are new to you, request a whitepaper now. Our free guides provide all you need to know – and we can do the rest.

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